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Hypnosis Show - Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is Hypnosis
Hypnosis is an entirely natural phenomenon - it is generally described as a slightly altered state of consciousness and it is marked by the ability of the subconscious mind to accept suggestions that the conscious mind is not fully aware of. By accessing the subconscious mind and magnifying the imagination the most mild mannered of people can often access and express the a different side to their character

Should I create a list of volunteers for the show?
No. The audience members who volunteer to be hypnotised must be entirely self selecting, only people that at that moment want to join in are suitable for the show. Getting some sort of commitment from audience members in advance is not helpful and it is important as all these matters are covered by Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gary Owen's introductory talk.

How do the volunteers feel?
Gary Owen's comedy Hypnos Night is tremendous fun for the participants the experience is entirely positive, and afterwards they will feel entirely relaxed and refreshed. It is often described as feeling like you have had several hours refreshing sleep. The care of the volunteers is of the utmost concern and nothing is ever done to cause them anything other than positive and pleasant experiences. Gary is not only an stage hypnotist but also a very successful hypnotherapist and thus You are guaranteed a top class clean and above all a very professional show.

Do you require a PA system
There are two options: you can supply
1. A Quality sound system with a hand held wireless microphone.
2. An input for performer supplied iPod for the show’s music and sound effects
Alternatively I can also supply my own sound system if required

Technical Needs:
1. Performance area of 24′ x 16′ is ideal
2. 12 -20 straight back armless chairs for the volunteer participants

How long does the show last
Depending on requirements the show can vary between one and one and a half hours

How much to do you charge
fees depends on whereabouts in the country you are, what type of venue is and even what day of the week it is on so the best thing is to make contact prices are always kept competitive
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