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Hypnotism & The Law

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Hypnosis & The Law

In 1994 a panel of experts was set up by the Home Office to examine any evidence of possible harm to people taking part in public entertainments involving hypnotism, and to review the effectiveness of the law governing hypnotism for entertainment. Publication of the expert panel's report was announced in parliament in 1995, which concluded that
"there was no evidence of serious risk to participants in stage hypnosis, and that any risk which does exist is much less significant than that involved in many other activities."

A link to a home office circular is provided below which describes legislation and implementation of the Hypnotism act with advice to local authorities in the UK.
Hypnotism Act of 1952
Review of the Hypnotism Act 1952


What the above tells us is that hypnosis for the purposes of public entertainment is perfectly safe. The Home Office panel of experts found no evidence of serious risk to participants in stage hypnosis. The Hypnotism Act 1952 and the Hypnotism Act review in 1996 give strict guidelines to ensure all participants safety.

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